A yunohost package contains the main page for https://parley.be
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"name": "Main Page",
"id": "parley_mainpage_ynh",
"description": {
"en": "Mainpage for parley.be"
"version": "1.0.0~ynh1",
"license": "AGPL-3+",
"maintainer": {
"name": "ilja",
"email": "ilja@w-vl.pirateparty.be",
"url": "https://ilja.space/ilja"
"requirements": {
"yunohost": ">= 3.6.5"
"multi_instance": "true",
"services": [
"arguments": {
"install" : [
"name": "domain",
"type": "domain",
"ask": {
"en": "Choose a domain for the main page. Note that you have to make this app the default app manually."
"example": "domain.org"
"name": "path_url",
"type": "path",
"ask": {
"en": "Choose a path for the main page"
"example": "/info",
"default": "/info"