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HgO 3a43c4d64e fix csr creation 2 years ago
HgO efab0cadf5 Merge pull request 'Create separate files for domain configs' (#8) from 7-create-separate-files-for-domain-configs into master 2 years ago
HgO 334f609513 fix ssl config dir 2 years ago
HgO 6c0b376459 create separate files for domain configs 2 years ago
HgO 0ea8d56473 Merge pull request 'Trigger hooks after certificate renewal' (#6) from 5-trigger-hooks-after-certificate-renewal into master 2 years ago
HgO 8503380d28 fix CSR domains diff 2 years ago
HgO 3d975b1f17 display error when hook fails 2 years ago
HgO f2eaece8cb fix cron job 2 years ago
HgO a96f286f81 fix permissions on keys directories 2 years ago
HgO 13fb8a9f02 convert domain list into domain dict 2 years ago
HgO 82f8d5f4e2 fix attribute error 2 years ago
HgO 58496cdb40 allow list of domains instead of dict 2 years ago
HgO bfcd643dac typo 2 years ago
HgO 646bfc463d acme script read the domains from config file 2 years ago
HgO f18368fc6f Merge pull request 'Create molecule scenario and adapt role' (#4) from 3-create-molecule-scenario into master 2 years ago
HgO daebf0cc72 Merge branch 'master' into 3-create-molecule-scenario 2 years ago
HgO 14fff84200 create molecule scenario and adapt role 2 years ago
HgO 31a6c7b874 Merge pull request 'Don't split the validation challenge' (#2) from 1-validation-error into master 3 years ago
HgO ec99b9694d Don't split the validation challenge 3 years ago
HgO 5ea1853dd6 improve meta file 3 years ago
HgO 9702719f91 add required meta folder 3 years ago
HgO d75d1a21e1 create acme role 3 years ago